“Why should we hire an agency instead of handling our social media in-house?”

Implementing a successful social media strategy requires a lot of experience, time, and resources. Deph Digital is committed to ensuring that you don’t overextend your employees or your budget. 

“We hired a social media intern and didn’t achieve the results we hoped for. What will make this experience any different?”

We hope to be much more than a personal social management tool for your company. We can help you develop a digital strategy, recommend an efficient workflow process, identify skill sets required to meet your business goals and objectives, and even assist in the interviewing process to ensure you hire the best possible candidates.

“How can we trust you to represent our brand appropriately?”

As social media professionals, we strive to be knowledgable in any industry we represent. The first phase of our assessment includes an intensive learning process to ensure that we understand your brand values and that we’re correctly utilizing your brand assets.

“How will we know if your work is successful?”

To ensure maximal return on your invest, we provide monthly, quarterly, and annual reports that reflect social media growth, analyze leads generated from our social efforts, and give insights on top performing content.

“Do you create all of the content for our social media or do we have to allocate staff hours and resources to provide you with materials?”

This is a great question! The answer varies depending on which industry you’re in, but we try to work independently as much as possible. We do ask to connect with a representative from your company on a weekly or bi-monthly basis to keep you informed of our efforts and to help us collect any necessary information.

“How often can we expect you to post on our social media?”

Our experience has shown that social audiences value quality over quantity. Depending on the needs of and activity within your company, we can post daily or anywhere from three to five times a week.

“How do we know which social media platforms are right for our company?”

You don’t have to! We’ll study the success of other businesses within your industry and provide honest recommendations on what will work for your brand.

“We are a large organization with multiple offices/locations. Can you manage all of our social accounts at both the local and corporate level?”

Absolutely! We have experience working with national franchises and global organizations. We can help you set goals and expectations for social accounts at any level and will develop a system to ensure that content shared across all accounts are representative of your corporate brand values.

If you have regional teams in charge of those local level accounts, we can provide training courses and documentation to help guide them through content development, reputation monitoring and management, search engine optimization and more.

“We are a small conventional organization. What is the justification for us to invest in social media?”

Even if digital advertising isn’t a crucial aspect of your marketing plan, consumers are looking for your brand on social media. Out of date information or an inactive page can turn away potential customers and be counterproductive to your overall marketing goals.