Here's a small sampling of the brands we've helped over the years.

Case Studies



This agriscience company needed to raise awareness in an attempt to increase attendance for their annual conference for the fifth consecutive year.

Contests:  We conceptualized and implemented fully integrated campaigns for Alltech’s global hunt for conference attendees.  These included the My Favorite Farmer and #OneBigIdea contests, where participants earned chances to receive complementary entrance to the conference by following and interacting with the company on various social media platforms.

Email Marketing:  Leads were generated by the thousands from Alltech customers and professionals via an automated email campaign that touted ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference as the one conference you can’t afford to miss.  This effort was supported by a sizable digital media plan and social media efforts.

Target Audiences:  After analyzing previous posts, we were able to identify top performing content and establish respective audiences for various aspects of the business.  These groups made it easier to promote Alltech’s most innovative and educational blog posts, ensuring they reached the target demographic.  Efforts included digital ads, social media, and unique landing pages.

Key Results:

  • 118,000 event mentions on Facebook
  • 168,000 event mentions on Twitter, becoming the #1 trending topic in the state
  • 46,000+ event app engagements

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Emmy Award-winning actress Jackée needed to better understand her iconic brand in order to reach new audiences and rejuvenate her career.

Social Media Management:  The entertainment industry is incredibly competitive.  In tandem with management, we established social pages on all of the major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat), then implemented bold, unique campaigns in order to have Jackée stand out among not only her contemporaries, but also today’s biggest stars.

Social Networking:  We used a methodical approach to suggest who Jackée should interact with on social media.  This was a crucial component in transitioning her new online popularity into real-word career opportunities for both film and television. Relying heavily around her own larger than life personality, we were able to assist with the creation of viral materials that reached viewers in the millions – often reminding them why they fell in love with the actress when she first broke onto the scene.

Merchandising:  Taking advantage of under-utilized copyrights, we designed and setup an online store to sell official Jackée merchandise.  Then, in an attempt to increase pubic awareness of the products and overall brand, we worked in concert with her management to have Jackée present the merchandise on numerous television programs – typically giving free trinkets to members of their studio audience.

Key Results:

  • 12,977% increase in followers & verification on Twitter
  • 10,322% increase in followers & verification on Facebook
  • 2,964% increase in followers & verification on Instagram

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How does a 100 year old company stay true to themselves while also standing out in the 21st century?

Rebranding:  Although the flagship location of this ophthalmology clinic was wildly successful, their ancillary locations struggled due to a lack of brand continuity.  To correct this, we developed new company colors, updated their logo and signage, and established a strict branding guide that included design templates that each location would follow to achieve uniformity and instant company recognition.

Website Enrichment:  In addition to the noted branding changes, we took their fairly simple website and turned it into a fully functional web portal with capabilities including but not limited to: online appointment requests, contact lens orders, and electronic bill pay.  These features prioritized customer convenience and appealed to a younger audience that prefers to communicate virtually.  We also enabled appointment request functionality via Facebook; using paid advertising to encouraging users to schedule online.

Marketing:  Prior to our partnership, Kentucky Eye Care relied solely on word of mouth to attract new patients.  With my strategic marketing guide in hand, we implemented an offline marketing approach that coincided with their new online presence.  While the digital changes catered to a youthful crowd, we targeted another key demographic (elderly consumers more likely to need cataract surgery or regular glaucoma checkups) and was able to ramp up customer acquisition through traditional print media.

Key Results:

  • Estimated $1,750/day additional revenue from appointments obtained online

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