Facebook Implements New Ad Quality Restrictions


Participants of our webinar “Is There Really a Facebook Apocalypse?” know that the social media giant’s algorithm doesn’t take well to engagement-enticing verbiage. Now, the advertising side of the platform is pledging to take action against such characteristics too. Effective immediately, Facebook will disapprove or severely limit the distribution of ads containing the following low-quality attributes.

Engagement Bait: Ads with spammy wording asking audiences to engage with the ad in specific ways, such as requesting likes, comments or shares.

Withholding Information: Ads that purposefully withhold information to entice people to click in order to understand the full context.

Sensationalized Language: Ads that use exaggerated headlines or command a reaction from people but don't deliver on the landing page. Avoid using superlatives such as ‘amazing’ and ‘mind-blowing’, or phrases like ‘you won't believe’. 

The penalties for violating the new rules are steep. Multiple ads being flagged as low-quality can impact the performance of ALL future ads from that advertiser.

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