How To Write Powerful Ad Copy

Whether you’re working with photos or videos, trying to earn more followers or make a sale, social media ads that produce conversions are all dependent on persuasive accompanying text.

When faced with creative roadblocks, marketers often turn to tried-and-true methods of stomping out writer’s block. One classic and commonly trusted technique urges copywriters to build text that answers five basic questions: who, what, when, where, and why?

Communicating these details to your audience equips them with all of the information needed to take action with an ad, but focusing on a different set of questions (recommended by Colin Theriot of Cult of Copy) may give viewers the extra push to respond to your call-to-action.

The next time you’re composing ad text, put yourself in the positon of the ad recipient and try answering:

  1. Why me? – Your ad recipient should immediately be able to understand why they’ve been included in your target audience. Don’t be afraid to speak to their behaviors or interests that you’re already aware of. Explain why this ad is of specific interest to them. 

  2. Why you? – Although your page name will appear next to your advertisement, that could mean very little to a recipient who isn’t already familiar with your brand. Include a concise description or a significant fact about your company to let audiences know why your brand is the best one to deliver this message.

  3. Why this? – Given what you know about your ad recipient’s set of circumstances (i.e. the reason you’ve included them in your target audience), make sure the offer you’re promoting is one they will find relevant, interesting, and helpful. 

  4. Why now? – Audiences need a reason to stop scrolling and pay attention to your ad. Use deadlines or time-sensitive calls-to-action to motivate viewers to act as soon as they see your offer. No matter how well-intended, social ads can be notoriously hard to track down once a user has passed on them.


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