Facebook Introduces Instagram Account Analytics


Compiling Instagram analytics for monthly or quarterly reports can be a burdensome undertaking for social media marketers. Some insights, such as followers gained, are only accessible in week-long periods, making it difficult to accurately report on an account’s growth for a certain block of time. Now, it seems that a new addition to the Facebook Analytics dashboard may provide data-seekers with more convenient tools.

According to Facebook, Instagram Account Analytics (which are currently undergoing beta testing and are expected to roll out globally within the coming months) will give page admins better access to connected Instagram Business account insights as well as the ability to:

  • Discover whether people who comment on or like Instagram posts have higher retention rates.

  • Compare the lifetime value of people who interact with an Instagram account to those who don't.

  • Create segments: e.g., all the people who commented a post—and analyze the value they bring to the business.

  • Understand how an Instagram audience overlaps with the people downloading owned apps, or visiting claimed websites, or even engaging with associated Facebook Pages. 

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