Explore The New LinkedIn Pages


LinkedIn company pages have received their first major upgrade in quite some time. The platform unveiled a slate of new features that aim to make it easier for businesses to generate engagement and join topical conversations. Here’s a complete list of the new functionalities:

• Mobile Integration: Admins can finally post from and manage their company page from the official LinkedIn mobile app.

• Hashtag Association: In a move to increase the discoverability of relevant content, admins can now follow specific topics or hashtags as their page – making it easier to chime in when important industry conversations are occurring online.

• Document Sharing: In addition to updates featuring standard images or native video, companies can now attach documents such as PowerPoints or PDFs to their posts.

• Employee Engagement: Pages have the option to discover, interact with and share public LinkedIn posts from employees on the site, as well as any posts the company is tagged in.

• Recruitment Outreach: New Career Pages allow job-seekers to easily get a feel of a brand’s company culture by exploring job availabilities, team leadership, employee testimonials and more.

• Third-Party Benefits: Developers like Hootsuite and Crunchbase have been given enhanced access to LinkedIn’s partner API, allowing the sites to provide LinkedIn notifications and funding insights on their respective platforms.

Take advantage of these new features with a company page overhaul courtesy of Deph Digital Media.