Optimizing Instagram Stories

This week, Instagram unveiled a new Countdown Sticker for stories that displays a customized timer for events. The feature is an exciting addition for brands, so this seems like the perfect time to review other innovative ways you can implement story features to optimize your business profile.

Increase Participation 

The Countdown Sticker includes a Remind Me option that will alert followers once your custom countdown ends. You can take advantage of this alert by offering your following notices about upcoming sales, physical events, or even as a reminder of when you’re going to broadcast live.

Increase Your Discoverability 

The Location and Hashtag Stickers have a purpose far beyond letting your followers know where you are. Both features have the ability to expand your Instagram reach outside of your own following. When used, your content will appear in a location-based story of the destination you’ve entered, or within a hashtag story that’s visible within search. If your particular story gets enough engagement, it might earn you a spot on the coveted Explore page.

Increase Your Mailing List

The Questions Sticker is most commonly used to hold Q&A sessions via stories. An alternative use is to ask viewers to opt in to your mailing list by submitting their email address in the question field.

Similarly, you can ask Poll questions like: “Can we add you to our newsletter list?” Once the poll has concluded, view the results for those who answered Yes and send them a direct message asking for their email.

Increase Your Web Traffic

Surpassing 10,000 followers on Instagram unlocks the powerful ability for accounts to include links with their story posts. Since clickable links aren’t supported on ordinary grid posts, the feature in which users can swipe up to visit your landing page or blog is more than valuable.

Increase Engagement

Interactive story capabilities though Polls and Emoji Sliders provide businesses a unique and easy way to communicate with their Instagram audience. Consider using these features to crowdsource ideas or collect feedback on your products.

Increase Your Following

When partnering with other Instagram users or influencers, include a requirement that, for the duration of your collaboration, each user should tag the other’s profile in their stories by applying the Mention Sticker. This is an easy way to have someone recommend your profile to their following.

Increase Your Streams

If you’re in the music industry, apply the Music Sticker to your story and search for your own track to encourage streams from your viewers.