Snapchat Launches Instant Create

Snapchat Instant.png

Advertising on Snapchat comes with a lot of pressure. The platform’s users are not highly welcoming of ads and when they must view them, they expect to see high-quality content. In an attempt to lure advertisers and ease their worries, Snapchat has introduced Instant Create – a simplified ad creation process that enables brands to launch a campaign in three simple steps.

One of the primary features of Instant Create is that Snapchat will automatically pull photo content from a business’s website and position the images within their most popular ad template layout. For those lacking design resources, this could be a golden opportunity to reach Snap Inc.’s key 13-24 year-old demographic.

The new ad creation process is outlined below:

  1. Select your advertising objective (website visits, app installs, or app visits)

  2. Enter your business website and position imported images

  3. Select your target audience and publish

To get started with Instant Create, sign up for a Snapchat ad account.