The QR Code Comeback?


Scanning QR codes has never really caught on in the US. The process is too convoluted. Users have to download a compatible reader, snap a photo of the code, then open the link in their mobile browser. But that hasn't stopped social networking sites from making use of them.

Snapchat has Snapcodes, Twitter has account codes, Instagram just unveiled Nametag codes, and now Facebook is rolling out Page QR Codes.

So what's the difference? Users may actually take advantage of Facebook's latest feature since the codes can easily be scanned within the native Facebook app or within Messenger. And with the ability to produce codes that lead users to take certain actions such as: 

  • Automatically liking your page
  • Checking users in to your business location
  • Connecting users to a recommendation screen
  • Connecting users to your ‘View Offers’ listing
  • Prompting users to leave a review

We may actually see businesses use them. Will you?