Will IGTV be a Ratings Success?


Last week, Instagram rolled out IGTV – a new hub that spotlights long-form videos from Instagram influencers and people you follow. As the platform positions itself as a YouTube competitor, what IGTV features might marketers find useful?

  1. Long-form videos: No longer are you bound to 15-second video snippets on your profile. IGTV videos can have up to a 60-minute runtime for verified accounts and 10-minute runtime for all users.
  2. Creator channels: IGTV channels are available for users to follower your content on a separate IGTV app and also link your content to your profile when a new video is shared.
  3. Calls-to-action: Users are already familiar with Instagram's "swipe up to learn more" feature. IGTV expands on that experience with the ability to include several CTAs throughout the video.
  4. Share button: Viewers can share IGTV videos directly with other Instagram accounts. When broadcasting, asking your followers to share the video with someone who might enjoy it could prove to be a successful way to grow your following.
  5. Facebook Watch integration: Since Facebook owns Instagram, they've made it extremely simple to share IGTV content directly to your Facebook Watch channel, even automatically if you wish.
  6. Autoplay & continue watching: Much like Instagram Stories, IGTV also features autoplay. Once a user finishes watching your video, other videos (from various accounts) will play. They can pause videos and resume them later with the Continue Watching tab and, if they enjoy what they're seeing, choose to follow all content from that publisher.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to create an IGTV channel and start interacting with your followers in a new and exciting way? Let's connect to discuss the possibilities!