Earning leads with LinkedIn


When it comes to digital marketing, pretty much every business has at least one goal in common: Generating leads.

While Facebook and Instagram have kept busy mimicking the success of Snapchat, LinkedIn – an oft-overlooked social networking platform – has implemented a slew of features that make connecting with potential customers easier than ever before.

Let’s look at how you can utilize the updates to earn more leads.

1.     Spruce up your profile

Before you start reaching out to a new audience, make sure that both your company page and personal account are equipped with high-quality, professional photos or your logo. 29% of social media users admit to researching a company via their social pages before committing to a purchase, so complete your profile as much as possible and try to answer any frequently asked questions before they even come to mind.

2.     Connect with people nearby

Attending a conference or tradeshow alongside a ton of potential customers? Enable LinkedIn’s “Find Nearby” feature to see users within close proximity and make a connection request.

3.     Connect later on down the road

In some instances, it may cumbersome (or even rude) to pull out your phone in an attempt to look up someone’s profile. Add LinkedIn’s new profile QR code to your business cards to make it easier for contacts to connect with you in their own time. The scanable codes could be particularly useful for those with difficult to spell names.

4.     Identify your target audience

When making a LinkedIn post, target your ideal audience to ensure your content is being delivered to the right people. You can select people based on location, a specific company, a specific industry, the company size, a job title, and even specific skills.

5.     Make contact

Once you’ve identified and connected with potential customers, it’s time to make contact by way of InMail. A good first message should be more personable and less promotional. Note specific references from a user’s profile page and make their interests the point of conversation. Looking to go the extra mile? Add a voice memo to better communicate aspects of your personality that might otherwise get lost via textual translation.

6.     Keep engaging

As you build rapport with LinkedIn connections, the opportunity to convert ordinary conversations into leads increases. Like and comment on the status updates of your potential customers until you identify an issue where your product or service could be of use.

Don’t feel like putting in the work? Contact us and we’ll be happy to kick start your LinkedIn potential.